The White Gems

The Khao Manee[pronounced kow ma NEE] is a breathtakingly beautiful and stunning cat from Thailand.Possibly the rarest of all breeds,their name means "White Gem" and they are sometimes referred to as "Diamond Eyes".Khao-plort was the ancient Thai word for the breed meaning "all-white". A very old and totally natural breed,they are usually white,and generally have odd eyes[one blue and one gold or green],although they may have green,blue,or gold eyes.They have a medium short coat that is somewhat open,but lying close enough to the skin to reveal their sturdy muscalature.Their personality is affectionate and loving,playful and energetic.They are "average-medium" in height,weight,and type.No petty or artificial extremeness for these beauties!They are perfect the way nature made them! I do not know why they were so slow to come to the US,but as of yet, they are only accepted for registration in Tica and are a Preliminary New Breed, since May 2012.They are expected to obtain Advanced New Breed by Sept.of 2013 .With their exceptional beauty and personality,it should not take long before they will be in Championship Status everywhere!There are only a small handful of breeders in the US, and I consider myself lucky to be one of these select few! I will be forever indebted to Janet Poulsen,Odyssey Cattery, for my first KM love,Rattanna[nicknamed Meatloaf].If you are interested in one of these incredible cats or kittens,please contact her at or myself,on my contact page.